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DauSupport Website (aka landing page)

Published On: Jan 25 2024
Written By: Krishnan Sethuraman
Category: Projects

In my previous article I have shared my marketing strategies for DaySupport in detail. 

You can read it here, If you have not read about it already. 

Content marketing is going to be my primary source of lead generation, hence a landing page (website) is crucial to the overall success. 

The developer in me is obviously struggling to come to terms to work on the landing page before writing the first line of code. But thankfully the entrepreneur in me won and here I am focusing on launching the website for DaySupport. 

Content marketing usually takes 6 to 18 months to start giving some result. So I want to put the most important pieces of content out there as soon as possible so that while I am working on the product there is some content regarding the product on the internet. 

I want to give the landing page sometime so that by the time I finish the MVP the landing page would have been indexed by google search bots. 

Technical challenges

At this moment I do not have experience in working with javascript frameworks like Nextjs so I will stick with Codeigniter 3 which is a lightweight php framework. 

I have built some boilerplate Codeigniter templates in the past, hence I will be using it to build the website much faster. 

The website (aka landing page) will have a limited number of pages to avoid over complicating the website.  

Building awesome UIs is not my strength so I will hire a freelancer to design this website for me, but for now the focus will be on a simple landing page with content. 

The end goal is to quickly launch it over a weekend. 

Technical decisions 

I will be using a Codeigniter boilerplate template that I have built in the past. 

The website will use Bootstrap for the UI. 

The website will have pages on features and pages on company related information on launch date. 

For localhost development I will use docker so that the need to set up a local environment is no longer a concern. 

For the blog I will not use Wordpress. Instead I will use the simple blogging application that I built for this website so that I do not have to build a wordpress theme separately. 
I also need to find an affordable service provider to implement a cookie banner. I am thinking of using Cookiebot as I have used it in the past. 

Content planning

As the deadline to launch the website is over a weekend, the time frame is not enough to write all the required content. Hence I will focus on the home page content and then write the other pieces of content gradually after the site goes live. 


  1. A website to promote DaySupport
  2. Configuring docker compose for localhost
  3. Content for the homepage
  4. Jenkins pipeline configuration to deploy the website
  5. Server configurations like creating vhosts
  6. Setting up a blog

Next steps

Create a new private repo and get down to work and launch the website on Monday (29th Jan 2024).