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Preparing for Delf A1

Published On: Feb 03 2024
Written By: Krishnan Sethuraman
Category: Self Improvement

I am from Pondicherry, India which was a French colony up until the 1950s. People of my grandfather’s generation spoke French with amazing fluency and ease. 

Today English to an Indian is almost like a home language. They learn it in school and by the time they finish school they are able to converse in it with utmost fluency. 

French was like English to the people of Pondicherry before they got their independence from the French through a plebiscite in which the decision to go with India was decided with a very small margin. 

Post independence due to economic reasons Pondocherrians started learning English and French as the language was forgotten. 

However Pondicherrians have a close affinity towards all things French. While almost everyone knows a little bit of French, there are people who can converse almost like a native. 

I have studied French as a second language in school for two years. At home I learnt French from my maternal Grandfather who was well versed in French. 

Unfortunately after two years in school I never found an opportunity to learn French. All my attempts would eventually come to a standstill due to the demands of the 9 to 5 rat race. 

As part of this year’s new year resolution I have decided to re-learn French and sit for the Delf exams conducted by Alliance Francaise. 

I will not be joining the French basic classes as I already know some amount of French. So my plan is to revisit the lessons I learn and prepare for Delf A1 exams. If I clear it I can directly join Delf A2. 

Starting this month I am preparing for my French Delf A1 exam which will be held in the month March 2024. 

I purchased a course on Udemy to prepare for the exam but honestly the person coaching had wrong pronunciation of the words. I believe pronunciation is very important while learning a language and if I do not get the foundation right then the whole learning process will suck. 

So I will purchase a Delf A1 book from the Alliance Francaise in my town and prepare for the A1 exam.