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Planning Chuckle features

Published On: Jul 01 2023
Written By: Krishnan Sethuraman
Category: Building Chuckle

I had some time late in the evening so decided to sit and plan features for Chuckle. This will give me a vision on what I need to build when and can also consider dependencies while building Chuckle. 

I have split the features into multiple phases. My first objective is to launch a basic application which can serve as a proof of concept. This way I can put a working prototype in front of the target audience. 

As the phases progress the application will become more and more sophisticated with more features. 

Most features are pretty straight forward but there are some which can be broken down into multiple smaller features. I will attend to them closer while I plan my sprints. 

I am not using Jira for project management (as initially thought), instead I have listed down all the features in features.php page. Likewise I will also have a sprint.php page to manage my sprints. 

This way I can easily demonstrate and showcase my approach and thought process, in addition to not having to manage Jira subscription. 

You can find the feature PR by clicking on the following link. 

Feature planning PR